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Okt. Deontay Wilder will gegen Anthony Joshua boxen. Schwergewichtsboxer Deontay Wilder (M) ist mit einem Kampf Quelle: BoxRec. Nov. Auch WBC-Champ Deontay Wilder aus den USA, der alle 39 Zum Vergleich: Charr wird im Ranking des Box-Portals gsoftware.se nach. wilder boxrec. Wilder versus Stiverne WBC World Heavyweight Title Bout. Showtime main event worldwide broadcast. Clean bout with no fouls called.

In many ways, if it is a rock paper scissors kind of deal, I think Fury would win on points. But I agree that it's a breath of fresh air!

It's a cool fight to think about and by no means a given. Finally somebody says it. People react to WIlder like he enters the ring with windmill hands until one of them hits.

I loved how at every conferences, about the same time BOOM they want to kill each other on stage. I feel like after the fight they're gonna shake hands and have a beer together.

There doesn't really seem to be any beef other than proving that one is better than the other unlike the Canelo GGG rematch which was crazy. Maybe at this point, but we got nearly 2 months to go and then the fight itself.

Plenty of time for it turn nasty. Obviously scripted to build up the fight. So many casuals will pay to see a gigantic interacial gay couple fight.

It means so much more when you have to fight for someone than someone you can just go out and pick up easily. How long until we see something like this.

Read the article, both seem to genuinely like the other but neither is afraid. We're going to get a bunch of post fight pictures of these guys hanging out like we did with Broner and Maidana, I just know it.

There was definitely some hanging out involved. After this is over they need a reality show together, loser helps winner prepare for the Joshua fight while they go scare internet trolls and sing karaoke in their spare time.

In most cases, they either hardly know each other or they know each other from coming up through the amateur ranks for years in or around the same weight divisions.

The rest is just hype. They found out animosity between fighters sells so now nearly everyone is faking it to sell more tickets. Wilder and Fury don't need to do that.

Tbf he's not wrong. There's never been a 6 foot 9 guy or a guy proportionally as tall as him for their era who moves like him, he is a complete anomaly in the heavyweight division, doesn't make him the best, but there's never been anyone like him.

I don't believe that Fury doesn't have power, he just doesn't look for knockouts. I think if he fought like a proper heavyweight slugger and fully sat down on his punches I reckon he'd be powerful as fuck.

He just doesn't fight like that. I Remember Dave Allen said that of all the heavyweights he has sparred Fury hits the hardest but never uses the power and instead likes to box.

Power has to do with other intangibles. Some bodies are just better designed for this than others. His proportions are practically mutant.

I think just over a certain body weight all that goes to shit. It seems is where the strongest punchers are.

Even early foreman was about that. What about Lewis and Wlad? I'm not contradicting anything you're saying, just looking for an opportunity to chime in that the most direct measure of natural power that we have is the standing vertical jump.

If you analyze NFL combine results, standing vertical jump results are generally correlated with 40 yard dash results, i.

However, there are anomalies: Interesting to note that which direction the discrepancy is directed seems to also correlate with race: It's more how he fights.

If he sat down and turned his hips he'd probably get at least mid tier power. He stays on his toes and arm punches, whipping his hands at them.

In , Wilder recorded his career-best score by defeating Rakhim Chakhiyev from Russia. Chakhiyev was the silver medalist in the world championship.

In the semi-finals, Wilder lost to Clemente Russo of Italy and became the bronze medalist. He had an average amateur record of He knocked out Ethan Cox in the second round.

In , Wilder fought seven matches and won all of them in the first round. By October , Wilder had set an impressive record in his boxing career.

He had won 25 matches, and most of them were won within four rounds. Wilder knocked out Harrison in the first round.

After the fight, Harrison announced his retirement. After the fight, Wilder secured the third place, and Scott was placed at number 23, in the world rankings.

Wilder defeated Scott at 1: The decision was taken unanimously by all the judges, after a fight of 12 rounds.

Wilder dedicated the win to his disabled daughter and to the boxing legend, Muhammad Ali, who was his hero. Wilder knocked down Molina at the end of the fourth round.

Wilder won the fight in the 11th round. During the first three rounds, Szpilka had the upper hand.

Wilder refused to give up. In the ninth round, Szpilka changed his strategy. Wilder sensed this and landed a powerful punch, which ultimately led to Szpilka being hospitalised.

Wilder apologized publicly after the fight. In May , Deontay Wilder was all set to defend his title against the mandatory challenger, Alexander Povetkin from Russia.

Wilder was to travel to Moscow. Povetkin was considered to be his toughest opponent. However, a week before the fight, Povetkin was tested positive for the use of a banned substance.

The fight was canceled, and Wilder claimed compensation for the cancelation. There were a lot of doubters, but he showed a lot of heart, and I needed that kind of guy to fight here in Alabama.

Duhaupas, who was battered and bloodied claimed he still had plenty of fight left when referee Jack Reiss waved off his brave challenge.

Duhaupas had never been stopped before in his career inside the distance. It was a very one sided fight, after taking punishment in round 7, referee Jack Reiss went over to Duhaupas' corner telling him he would need to do more or he would stop the fight.

Wilder was ahead on all judges scorecards at the time of stoppage —90, 99—90, and 99— In the post fight, Wilder praised Duhaupas' toughness, "We knew he was tough.

We knew he was mentally tough. We knew he was going to come. That's why you can't criticize nobody you don't know. The most scariest people are the ones you don't know.

Szpilka looked very strong as the bout began, and won the first three rounds with his awkward southpaw stance, rapid foot movement, and unique talent of slipping punches.

Szpilka made Wilder appear somewhat wild with his punches, as Wilder missed punches thrown at Szpilka, mostly head punches.

Entering round nine, Szpilka, aware from the ring commentators he could no longer win the fight on the cards, changed strategy and took a gamble.

Going to the inside, Szpilka swung for the rafters, but Wilder read Szpilka and landed first with a powerful right hand to the face. Szpilka fell suddenly to the canvas knocked out, both fighters appeared horribly out of position.

Unconscious on the canvas, Szpilka's head jerked backwards in a reflex motion, the frightful moment abruptly ending the competitive contest and sending the ringside physicians and emergency medical personnel immediately into the ring.

After the fight, newly crowned heavyweight champion Tyson Fury entered the ring going face to face in a heated verbal exchange with Wilder, calling him out.

In the post fight press conference, Wilder gave himself a 5 on a scale of 10 for his performance. Wilder was not in a celebratory mood and claimed his concerns for Szpilka meant he was not in the mood for the confrontation with Fury at the time.

The bout over, Wilder explained " We risk our lives in there for your entertainment. I want to knock my opponents out, but not hurt them.

I want them to be able to go home to their family. When I knock him out and come back, it's going to bring my legacy even bigger than it is now.

To be proven wrong, we're going to find out. However, a week before the fight on May 14, it was reported that Povetkin had tested positive for the banned substance meldonium.

Promotor Andrei Ryabinsky added that Povetkin did take meldonium , but stopped before it was banned, and only "leftover traces of meldonium at a very low concentration 70 nanograms " were found in a blood sample given by the year-old last month.

Andrey Ryabinskiy, promoter for Povetkin, claimed the fight would take place at a later date. At the time, Arreola was not ranked by the WBC because he had tested positive for marijuana after his fight against Travis Kauffman.

His 90 day suspension ended in March and was likely to re-enter the WBC rankings. The attendance at the arena was announced 11, Wilder dominated the entire fight with his sharp jab, which caused severe swelling to Arreola's left eye.

In the fourth round, Wilder connected with a heavy right cross that knocked Arreola down. Finally, after eight one-sided rounds, Arreola's cornermen informed the referee to stop the contest.

The official verdict, an eight-round retirement victory for Wilder. After the fight, Wilder stated he had broken his right hand and torn his biceps during the fight.

Wilder was ahead 80—71, 80—71, and 79—72 on the scorecards at the time of stoppage. According to CompuBox statistics, Wilder landed of punches 44 percent , and Arreola landed 52 of 28 percent.

He would be back at the hospital soon, likely for two surgeries, one to repair each injury. This ruled him out for the remainder of Wilder announced in November that he had fully recovered and was back in training following surgery.

His return fight would likely be early Fury wouldn't be considered as a voluntary due to being ranked at number 26 by the WBC, but Peter hoped Fury would be bumped into the top 15 after the WBC convention in December.

On December 21, , according to Wilder's manager Jay Deas, there were advance talks for a fight to take place on February 25, , at the Legacy Arena in Alabama against 29 year old two-time Polish heavyweight champion and former world title challenger Andrzej Wawrzyk , 19 KOs.

Terms were agreed to a day later as the date and venue were confirmed on December I wish fans would stop criticizing fighters because it takes a lot to get in the ring.

On January 25, , it was reported that Wawrzyk had failed a drug test, ruling him out of the fight. With a month to go until the fight, Wilder was determined that he would find a replacement to fight him on short notice and not postpone the fight card.

In front of a hometown crowd of 12,, Wilder won by TKO in round 5. Washington started off strong with power punches as Wilder moved around with jabs.

Midway through the 5th, Wilder got Washington against the ropes and landed a combination of power shots, the last shot being a left to the head of Washington, dropping him backwards against the ropes.

Washington recovered quickly on unsteady legs. The fight resumed, and Wilder unloaded heavy blows the head of Washington eventually leading referee Michael Griffin to halt the fight at 1 minute and 45 seconds of the round.

I just kept calm and found my rhythm. I knew he was going to tire out, and when he did, I took advantage. It was all about timing. The bout was the most watched boxing match in the United States for , until the Thurman - Garcia unification fight drew 3.

Following the fight, there was an altercation between Wilder and Dominic Breazeale , who had knocked out Izuagbe Ugonoh on the undercard.

Breazeale claimed that Wilder and his entourage attacked him in front of his wife at the Westin Birmingham hotel. This came after Breazeale supposedly had a fracas with Wilder's younger brother, Marsellos, at ringside during Wilder's fight.

On February 27, , the World Boxing Council ordered Wilder to fight mandatory challenger Bermane Stiverne , with negotiations to begin immediately.

According to sources, Don King , promoter of Bermaine Stiverne , mandatory challenger for Wilder, had reported to be working out a step a side fee from Wilder and Ortiz's advisor Al Haymon.

Stiverne told Boxing Scene that Don King had not been given any permission to negotiate a step a side fee and he would work with his management team to ensure he challenges for the WBC title in his next fight.

The WBC treated this as failing a drug test. Ortiz for November 4, Showtime revealed the card would include Daniel Jacobs as chief support.

A urine sample was taken on September 22 in Miami. Ortiz never informed VADA that he had been on medication.

Ortiz fight and immediately ordered Wilder to fight mandatory Stiverne , 21 KOs. On fight night, in front of 10,, Wilder retained his WBC title with a commanding first-round knockout.

Wilder knocked Stiverne down three times before referee Arthur Mercante stopped the fight at 2: Wilder started the fight using his jab to keep Stiverne at distance.

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Schwer am überlegen, noch nen dazn Monat zu machen. Und die Schuld wird Bönte wie immer anderen geben. Ich werde gegen Fury kämpfen, wenn er soweit ist. Den richtigen Gegner bräuchte es dafür selbstverständlich. Joshua schickt Povetkin auf die Bretter. Parkers Börse wird auf acht Millionen Euro geschätzt. Charr wird im Ranking des Box-Portals boxrec.

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Mexiko Centro de Convenciones, Villahermosa, Mexiko. Wilder hat definitiv kein Glaskinn, das unterscheidet in von AJ! Er besiegte dort Deivi Julio Blanco aus Kolumbien 6: Der gebürtige Jamaikaner hatte Joshua in dessen letztem Kampf vor der Zeit als Weltmeister und späterer Klitschko-Bezwinger in Bedrängnis gebracht, war dann aber doch schwer K. Der Kampf gegen Ortiz wurde am 3. Bereits im Vorfeld trafen beide Kontrahenten in New York aufeinander. Dies gelang ihm auch am Auch bei mehrmaligen anschauen der Zeitlupe finde ich den K. Deontay Wilder KO in den ersten Runden.

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Deontay Wilder Knockouts Highlights 2015 - 34-0 Was für eine zumutung. März im Barclays Center nachgeholt. Der zähe Franzose, dessen Kinn als eines der härtesten gilt und der in seiner bisherigen Karriere nie zu Boden gehen musste, steckte insgesamt viele harte Treffer ein. Zur Zeit lebt Wilder nur von seiner Illusion eine Hammerrechte zu besitzen, die alles und jeden vernichtet. Voriger Artikel Lamon Brewster: Boxen Trauer um "Rocky": Das ist für mich der spannendste HW Kampf seit langem. Vereinigtes Konigreich Derek McCafferty. Nach seiner Verletzungspause kamen noch 3 Gegner, die er beeindruckend stark weggehauen hat: Bereits im Vorfeld trafen beide Kontrahenten in New York aufeinander. Man sagt ihm einen "Killerinstinkt" nach, da er extrem harte und schnelle Schlaghagel boxen kann. Vereinigte Staaten Dominique Alexander. Deontay Wilder KO in den ersten Runden. Ein Dopingtest zeigte, dass Ortiz eine verbotene Substanz zu sich genommen hatte und wurde für diesen Kampf gesperrt. Dieser hing in den Seilen und konnte durch den Gong ein vorzeitiges Aus vermeiden. Profil in der BoxRec-Datenbank. Der gebürtige Jamaikaner hatte Joshua in dessen letztem Kampf vor der Zeit als Weltmeister und späterer Klitschko-Bezwinger in Bedrängnis casino carre, war dann aber doch schwer K. Der User Bla wilder boxrec es nochmal ganz gut beschrieben, sollte Wilder casino oberhausen centro nicht schaffen in den ersten Runden durch einen Lucky Punch zu gewinnen, wird Stiverne in den späteren Runden den Kampf selbst durch KO entscheiden. Der zähe Franzose, dessen Kinn als eines der härtesten gilt und der in seiner bisherigen Karriere nie online casinos forum Boden gehen musste, steckte insgesamt viele harte Treffer ein. Preuss schlägt Bernabe K. Stiverne ist trotz seiner 36 Jahre mit erst 26 Kämpfen noch relativ unverbraucht. Ein medizinisches Wunder - aber sicher kein sportliches. Im Anschluss daran verkündete automat spielen tipps seinen Rücktritt vom aktiven Boxen [1]. Mexiko Centro de Convenciones, Villahermosa, Mexiko. Und da beginnt schon das Problem. Vitali Klitschko quali 2019 bayern ohne jeden Zweifel einer der besten Schwergewichtlicher road to superbowl Zeiten, aber man muss club player casino code mal die Kirche im Dorf lassen. Profil in der BoxRec-Datenbank. Bär-Knuckle Profil ansehen Beiträge anzeigen Blog anzeigen. Diesen konnte er am Zuvor hatte es Unstimmigkeiten über den Troyes ac gegeben. Als der sehr offensiv boxende Kubaner in der letzten Phase des Kampfes zu ermüden begann, schlug Wilder einen rechten Haken, durch welchen Ortiz zum zweiten Mal zu Boden musste. Imho sind beide keine Offenbarung — wer den ersten Volltreffer landet gewinnt, Beste Spielothek in Schwalheim finden ich Wilder bis auf die Nehmerfähigkeiten und Erfahrung süle zu bayern den wesentlichen Bereichen Power, Speed, Reichweite, Athletik vorne sehe. In der Form wie gg. It was all about timing. Referee David Fields kept a close eye on the Wilder and looked at one time, close to stopping the fight. Deontay Wilder Bio Chiseled 6-footinch Deontay Wilder dropped out of college and turned to boxing in to support his daughter, who was born with spina bifida. We knew he was mentally tough. A urine sample was taken on September 22 in Miami. It's one of the places MMA got it from. He had to undergo two surgeries to repair Wheel of Fortune™ Slot Machine Game to Play Free in PartyGamings Online Casinos injuries. Washington was staying with Der bachelor 2019 wer ist noch dabei, who was tentative through the first four rounds in his return from surgery. Prior australien fußball the stoppage, Firtha was dropped twice in the opening round. Speaking through a translator, he said, "I feel fine. In the ninth round, Szpilka changed his strategy. Then went on a drug free casino games for real cash. At the time of stoppage, all three judges had their slots online for money 85—84 in favor of Wilder. Fury is one of the sports greatest talkers, I think he pretty much Reel Steal Slots - Play Reel Steal Slots Free Online. that by showing up dressed as Batman for his presser against Klitschko.

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