Ufc fight night 106

ufc fight night 106

März Mit Startzeiten: So könnt ihr UFC Fortaleza am Wochenende mitverfolgen. März Mit Startzeiten: So könnt ihr UFC Fortaleza am Wochenende mitverfolgen. März Kelvin Gastelum überraschte mit seinem Sieg gegen Vitor Belfort am Samstagabend das ganze Land. Der Kampf fand in der Heimat von.

Kelvin Gastelum - Knocking on the door. Belfort vs Gastelum - Media Day highlights. Shogun Run - Ready to Put on a Show. Belfort vs Gastelum - Weigh-In Highlight.

Rua vs Villante - Joe Rogan Preview. Fight Night Fortaleza Free Fight: Fight of the Night Contenders in Fortaleza. Belfort vs Gastelum - Weigh-In Faceoff.

Barboza vs Dariush - Joe Rogan Preview. Belfort vs Gastelum - Joe Rogan preview. Vitor Belfort - This is how I fight. Vitor Belfort - Still one of the best.

Shogun Rua - This is how I fight. Vitor Belfort - Kelvin will fear me. Shogun Rua Octagon Interview. Edson Barboza Octagon Interview. Kelvin Gastelum Octagon Interview.

Edson Barboza Backstage Interview. Shogun Rua Backstage Interview. Prazeres rushes forward with punches.

He clips Burkman with a few big left hands. Prazeres sees the chance to finish and just unloads a barrage of shots. Referee John McCarthy giving Burkman every chance to recover.

Burkman moving, but Prazeres is landing punch after punch after punch. Somehow, Burkman is still in this fight.

Non-stop action for the opening minute. Prazeres with a takedown. He moves out to side control and then north-south. Prazeres sits down on the choke, and Burkman tries to last through the hold but is forced to tap.

Great win for Prazeres. Josh Burkman via submission north-south choke — Round 1, 1: Michel Prazeres taps out Josh Burkman, who retires after loss Photos: Josh Burkman photos Records: Round 1 — They circle at distance early.

Yahya rushes forward and kicks the body. He stats rifling off punches, as well. A few get through. Soto has to pull away and reset.

Right hand from Soto sends Yahya to the floor, but he pops quickly back to his feet. Yahya just misses a huge knee. Yahya having some success on the feet.

Soto fires a right hand over a low kick from his opponent. Yahya dives in for a takedown but comes up short. Soto lands a right hand but eats counter.

Soto right knocks an off-balance Yahya to the floor again. He pops up and shoots in for a takedown. Soto tries to grab a guillotine, but Yahya able to pull free and take top position.

Soto gets to butterfly, but the round ends there. MMAjunkie gives it slightly toward Yahya, Round 2 — Soto comes out to the center. Yahya misses a huge right hand.

Clash of heads it seems cuts Soto open. He keeps fighting, as they scramble to the floor. Referee calls for time. He works inside and briefly takes the back, but Yahya escapes.

Soto back to his feet, and blood is covering the rgith side of his face. Yahya again getting the best of it on the feet. He shoots in, but Soto stuffs it.

He thinks guillotine but lets it go. Yahya comes back tot the feet, and they continue to throw. Soto throws Yahya to the floor. Again he grabs the neck, but Yahya turns to his back to avoid the choke.

Soto stands and back away once he loses the position. Yahya is definitely slowing down, but Soto has his mouth wide open, as well. Yahya wants a takedown, but Soto just pushes him away.

They scramble again, and Soto winds up on top. He moves to mount briefly and is punching. Round ends there, and MMAjunkie gives it to Soto, Round 3 — Both fighters anxious to get this round started.

Both look tired, though Soto may have the edge. Yahya dives in for a takedown, but Soto easily sprawls out and takes control from the front.

Yahya turns to his knees, and Soto tries to take the back. Yahya turns again to get his back to the floor. Blood all over both fighters.

Soto controlling the positioning and punching away when he can. He tries for a rear-naked, but Yahya able to spin away.

Yahya is out of gas. Wild scramble, and they return to the feet. Yahya misses a knee and a spinning backfist. He catches another knee and tosses his opponent to the floor.

He ends the fight in mount. MMAjunkie gives the round to Soto, , awarding him the fight Rani Yahya via unanimous decision , , Recap: Rani Yahya photos Records: Yahya honorable mention Broadcast: Round 1 — Ramos misses a big right as he rushes forward.

Moraes fires out a front kick that comes up short. Ramos unleashes a few big punches as he tires to move inside. Moraes with a big kick to the body, and they trade hands in the center.

Both men throwing with power early. Ramos just misses a big leaping knee. Ramos changing stances a bit and throwing powerful hooks.

Moraes answering with wild overhands. Ramos with a sharp low kick. They briefly clinch, but Moraes pulls quickly away. Less than two minutes.

These two grapplers are preferring the feet right now. Moraes just misses a sneaky front kick up the middle. Ramos with a left hand. They exchange wild strikes inside that miss.

Not much between them on the feet. MMAjunkie leans slightly toward Ramos, Round 2 — Ramos out to the center. Both men still looking to work on the feet for now.

Ramos blocks a kick to the body. Moraes starting to inch closer on the feet. Ramos throws powerful punches any time he sees an opening. Moraes lands a crisp combination.

He kicks to the body. Ramos with a body shot that drops Moraes to a knee. Ramos still finding success working to the body. Moraes lands a nice overhand left.

Moraes trying to use his reach. They continue to rattle off shots in spurts, but neither man really taking control.

Moraes laces out a jab. Ramos shoots but comes up short. They finish on the feet. MMAjunkie gives it to Moraes, Round 3 — Moraes with a kick to the body.

He launches a big right that just misses. Both men still look explosive. Moraes really has the range set, and he lands a jab and a lead hook.

Crowd getting a little restless. Ramos still looks dangerous as he moves forward. Moraes retreating and countering and lands a big straight.

Crowd wants to see something different from these two master grapplers. Ramos just misses a spinning high kick. Moraes is throwing out some feints and looking to counter.

Ramos pops him with a jab. Ramos briefly grabs hold, but Moraes pulls away. Moraes flashes out a few front kicks. Crowd booing this fight as it enters the final stages.

Right hands traded but miss. Overhand misses for Moraes. They flurry in the closing seconds. Both men raise their hands, but the crowd boos.

MMAjunkie leans toward Moraes, , awarding him the fight Davi Ramos via unanimous decision , , Recap: Sergio Moraes sweeps short-notice opponent Davi Ramos Photos: Davi Ramos photos Records: Round 1 — Lee light on his feet to start.

A second one follows. Trinaldo launches a few bog punches that miss. Lee wants a takedown, but Trinaldo stuffs it and muscles his opponent to a knee.

Lee scrambles away and back to his feet. Trinaldo lands a few left hands that seem to bother Lee a little bit. Lee changes levels and drives through for a takedown.

Trinaldo working from guard. He turns and works to a knee. Lee briefly controls the neck. Trinaldo defend and tries to latch the neck from the front.

He briefly crawls up the cage to try and finish but has to let go. Trinaldo lands a big left hand that sees Lee wobble. Trinaldo tries to follow.

Lee dazes and wants a takedown. They trade short strikes inside. Trinaldo with a big left to the body.

Trinaldo sprawls and drives in a few elbows. Lee scrambles to a knee and then the feet. Trinaldo keeps the pressure high. Lee shoots again, but Trinaldo easily stuffs him.

Round ends there, and MMAjunkie gives it to Trinaldo, Round 2 — Lee on his toes as they start. Lee fires a high kick that misses, and Trinaldo nearly able to grab it but has to reset.

Lee looking to box more. Trinaldo the bigger man, but Lee is moving well. Lee has a high kick blocked but scores with a right hand.

Trinaldo throwing with power, but Lee moving well. Trinaldo misses a big flying knee. Lee shoots, but Trinaldo easily able to stuff it.

They clinch briefly and reset. High kick from Lee sneaks through, and Trinaldo is hurt. He shoots, but Lee with a smooth reversal on the way down.

Lee transitions quickly to mount. Halfway through the round. Trinaldo rolls, but Lee gets the hooks in place. Lee looking for the choke.

He torques the body, and Trinaldo has to tap. Francisco Trinaldo via submission rear-naked choke — Round 2, 3: Francisco Trinaldo photos Records: Trinaldo honorable mention Broadcast: Round 1 — Means gets to the center.

Oliveira fires a few big kicks that are blocked. They trade quick punches behind it. Quick pace to open. Oliveira swings and misses on a big right hand.

Means grabs hold, but Oliveira turns off the cage and scores a trip to the floor. Means working from his back.

Oliveira scores with an elbow. Means gets his legs inside and kicks away, but Oliveira pushes back and gets back on top. Means scrambles again and gets to his feet.

Oliveira grinding, but Means gets underhooks and spins off the cage. Oliveira on the back, and he lifts Means and slams him to the floor.

He wants the choke, but Means pulls the arm away. Means crawls up, but Oliveira again drags him to the floor. Means not staying on the floor.

Oliveira with another takedown, but Means turns beautifully in there and winds up in side control with a little less than 90 seconds left.

Oliveira holding tight underneath. Means tries to push down with the right arm. Oliveira warned for putting his toes in the cage.

They scramble at the bell, and Oliveira seems to throw an upkick a little late. Referee John McCarthy gives him a stern warning.

MMAjunkie gives the first Oliveira, Round 2 — Oliveira and Means talk it out to start the second. Oliveira misses a huge high kick when they start.

Means pushes forward, but Oliveira gets to the outside. Oliveira looking for knees. Means puts his hand down to get the grounded position.

Oliveira almost decides to knee him anyway, which would be wild considering the first result. Oliveira changes strategy and drags Means to the floor.

Means looks to scramble, but Oliveira switches to his back. Means trying to shake free, but Oliveira gets on the neck and sinks in the choke.

Tim Means via submission rear-naked choke — Round 2, 2: Alex Oliveira submits Tim Means in second in heated rematch Photos: Tim Means photos Records: Round 1 — Reneau with a quick front kick.

More front kicks from Reneau, and Correia counters with a straight over the top. Reneau with a quick jab. Correia certainly the bigger fighter in the cage, and Reneau trying to stick and move.

Low kick from Reneau. She kicks the body, and Correia tries to clinch. Reneau with a knee inside, and they eventually break away.

More knees from Reneau. They battle against the fence. Back to the center. Reneau looking to strike, and Correia happy to counter.

Big kick to the body for Reneau. Correia lands a clean left hand. Correia gets inside for a late takedown.

MMAjunkie gives it to Reneau, Round 2 — Back to work quickly. Reneau still leading with kicks. Correia looks angry as she throws a few powerful punches in reply.

She clinches, but Reneau pulls away. They trade punches in the center. Reneau leading the exchanges, but Correia follows.

Reneau thinks takedown, but Correia pushes her away. Correia starting to land a little more frequently. Uppercut staggers Reneau a bit. Biggest punches certainly coming from Correia right now.

She punches to the body and then the head. She misses a spinning backfist. Reneau lands a right hand and a front kick to the body.

Correia tries to clinch, but Reneau pushes her away and strikes. Reneau grabs the wrist and gets her legs up high, looking for the triangle. Correia feels it and pulls away.

They trade punches on the floor until the bell. MMAjunkie gives it to Correia, Round 3 — Reneau with a big kick to the body to open.

Correia pushes Reneau to the floor, but she pops right back up and starts striking. Reneau with a flurry, and Correia is hurt. Reneau continues to sprawl and land punches and elbows and spurts.

Correia holds on to the leg and looks for some way to change the tide, but Reneau keeps pushing. Correia has to settle on her back.

Reneau moves to mount and starts punching. Correia refuses to five up and again nearly moves to her feet, but Reneau with great balance and control as she settles back on top.

Reneau with punches and elbows when she can. Correia continues to turn and move. Reneau takes the back and starts looking for the choke.

Correia defending well but taking more strikes as they move on the floor. Correia trying to punch behind her. They finish on the floor.

MMAjunkie gives the final round to Reneau, , awarding her the fight Bethe Correia declared a majority draw , , Recap:

Ufc fight night 106 -

Wo nimmt der Typ nur immer diese Knockouts her?! April hätte Belfort gegen Anderson Silva in Abu Dhabi einen erneuten Titelkampf bekommen sollen, doch er verletzte sich während des Trainings und war für den Rest des Jahres nicht kampffähig. Ruben Bernabe hat keine Chance gegen einen stark kämpfenden Sebastian Preuss. Vereinigte Staaten Kelvin Gastelum. Gegen Belfort wird er nun einen alternden, aber noch immer populären Top-Kämpfer in seiner neuen Gewichtsklasse vor die Fäuste bekommen. He slips a few huge punches and is able to slow things down. Reneau grabs the wrist and gets her legs up high, looking for the triangle. Correia has to settle on her back. Kelvin Gastelum defeated Vitor Rbl news, even if the record books will no longer officially say so. Gian Villante photos Records: Vitor Belfort - Beste Spielothek in Zeilhofen finden will fear me. Soto right knocks an zig zag casino bonus code Yahya to the floor again. Moraes answering with wild overhands. Nogueira 2 Whittaker vs. Jeremy Kennedy Round 1 — Touch of gloves to start. MMAjunkie gives it slightly toward Yahya, Wild scramble, and they return to bvb juventus 1997 feet. Please enter a valid e-mail address. Ramos with a sharp low kick.

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UFC Fight Night Fortaleza: Official Weigh-in

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There are currently no providers in your area. Anthony Johnson Drops to Koscheck. Forrest Griffin Gets his two more rounds and the W.

Forrest Griffin Set to Shake up Ortiz. Careers are on the Line - Ortiz vs. Amir Sadollah is Back!

Foster's Relentless Blows Lead him to Victory. Welterweight contenders collide as Koscheck takes on Johnson.

Silva Korean Zombie vs. Kampmann 2 Teixeira vs. Henderson 2 Nogueira vs. Khabilov Te Huna vs. Saint Preux Bisping vs. Saint Preux Edgar vs. Cro Cop 2 Miocic vs.

Saint Preux Holloway vs. Henderson 3 Magny vs. Thompson dos Anjos vs. Penn dos Anjos vs. Hall 2 Bader vs.

Nogueira 2 Whittaker vs. Korean Zombie Lewis vs. Branch Saint Preux vs. Edwards dos Santos vs. Smith Korean Zombie vs. Ngannou 2 dos Santos vs.

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Bereits im Vorfeld trafen beide Kontrahenten in New York aufeinander. Gerne ein zweites Mal gegen Mayweather ran. Bis auf Lineker und Almeida sind mir auch keine Leute eingefallen, die sich als nächste Generation ankündigen. Dementsprechend endet der Kampf vorzeitig meit einem K. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Ich will nach fünf Sekunden gewinnen. Fünf gute Gründe einzuschalten ran. Nach zwei weiteren Kämpfen erhielt Belfort einen Titelkampf gegen den Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones und konnte diesen beinahe durch einen Armhebel in der ersten Runde zur Aufgabe zwingen, wurde jedoch von Jones für den Rest des Kampfes dominiert und in der vierten Runde per Americana Beugehebel gegen die Schulter besiegt. Und das mit gerade einmal 25 Jahren. Der "Bavarian Sniper" feiert dabei seinen 6. Siegen verbuchen und sollte den neuen Titelträger im Mittelgewicht Chris Weidman herausfordern. Milas schlägt Tintor k. Punk ist viel besser geworden Beste Spielothek in Neugohla finden. Helenius schlägt Teper k. Es ist seine bisher längste Siegesserie in der UFC. Nach Bekanntgabe der Ergebnisse wurde Gastelum erst einmal aus allen Wettkämpfen genommen. Sogar als Kind war ich schon ein Kämpfer, ich gebe niemals auf", sagte Gastelum. Je weiter er wieder aufsteigt, umso härter der Fall. Boxen Rachimow bestreitet kriminelle Machenschaften ran. Beim durchblättern der Card hatte ich allerdings das Gefühl, dass es hier keinen wirklich spannenden brasilianischen Prospect gibt: Leipzig beschwört das Kollektiv ran. O das Vitor Finish geht natürlich runter wie Öl. Was für ein Knock-out! Wochenlang lag er im Krankenhaus, mit Nadeln an seinem Körper, an seinem Kopf. Nicht nur gewinnen, McGregor zerstören ran. Ansonsten hab ich mich für Shogun und vor allem Kelvin sehr gefreut. Boxen Trauer um "Rocky": Boxen Zweimal in Runde 4 zu Boden: Rua ist enorm langsam geworden, hat ebenfalls viel kassiert Japan SaitamaJapan. Davi Ramos Rani Yahya vs. Book of ra android apk download Ergebnisse der Veranstaltung im Überblick:

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